We provide Transportaton and Disposal of many different waste streams.

AES can provide turnkey solutions for on and off site projects. We can offer "cradle to grave" project management including: sampling,testing, disposal,chemical analysis, profiling, excavation, loading, transportation, final chain of custody and disposal documents.


Our Waste Dispoasl Services includes disposing of the following types of waste:

Hazardous, Non-RCRA, Non-Hazardous

Bulk Solids/Liquids   Drummed Solids/Liquids   Soil   Water

Lead based paint chips   Chemicals   Tires   PCBs   Sludge   Debris


Other Services include:

Soil sampling and testing   Project Managment   Supervison of site charaterization

Groundwater well installation  Site Profiling  Soil Borings   Full Site Subsurface Invesigations